Guaranteed income from real estate hotel investments

Ribas Hotels Group -
hotel operator

We manage the ribas hotelchain:
- the development og investment project;
- providing a high rate of income 7-15% annual for our imvestor;
- warranty under the agreement.

гостиничный оператор 7 - 15% per annum

investment projects

profitable real estate with a payback guarantee from the hotel operator
7 years
experience in hotel management
rooms in the chain of hotels
26 facilities
in the chain of hotels
$12+ million
company turnover

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control your investmentsusing an app

we have created an app for investors where you can:
- watch financial analytics from each object,
- monitor the apartmentconditions,
- watch the booking calendar,
- watch balance sheet and payment history,
- contact support service
- find new investment facilities.

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Prospects of apartment investment

led by Ribas Hotels Group
guaranteed return on investment per square meter of the apart-hotel;
high hotel occupancy
high hotel occupancy
hotel chain brand, which provides a high level of occupancy of the apart-hotel in its region, regardless of the season;
the ability to transfer responsibility for their property and for the operational work to the operator under the contract;
privileges of the loyalty system of the Ribas Hotels hotel chain.

Reasons to invest with Ribas Hotels Group right now

Reasons to invest with Ribas Hotels Group right now

Apart-hotels show a higher payback than residential and office real estate;
increasing prices
Prices for apartments in Ukraine are growing annually by at least 5-10%;
Plots in attractive tourist regions are nearly over;
Internal tourism is growing by 20-30% annually;
operator assistance
Hotel operator Ribas Hotels Group will deliver its services to a limited number of apart-hotels.

Ribas Hotels Group

Investing in apartments with Ribas Hotels Group you get:
  • Passive income up to 15% per annum
  • Experienced hotel operator
  • Risk minimization
  • The profitable business model of investment objects
  • СFreedom from operational management
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Our company has been continuously expanding and carrying out renovation and construction since 2014. The hotel chain includes 3 * and 4 * hotels, resort beach and ski hotels, city hotels, boutique hotels, apart-hotels. Within the last 7 years alone, 26 facilities have been transferred to the company's operational management and exclusive booking, with a total number of more than 1,000 hotel rooms. Ribas Hotels Group has designed, built and launched 10 new facilities: Business Hotel Wall Street Hotel 4 *, Ribas Karpaty, City Hotel Bortoli, Bautzen and others.
We successfully combine modern Internet marketing trends and traditional ways to support the customer base. We use Internet portals of hotel chains, guest base (more than 50 thousand guests), corporate client base (national enterprises, state-owned enterprises, trade unions), tour operators, we also run an advertising campaign on social networks and the media.
The company's guarantees are its reputation, experience and large guest base. And the success of the implementation and fulfillment of the occupancy plan depends on the timing and realization quality of the anchor infrastructure of the facility, and feedback received during the first six months of operation, which are key to further profitability of the complex. The management team's success depends on the product that it receives in time to manage. Our goal is to maximize the potential of the product, make a profit from it and enhance its reputation.
We have developed action scenarios for any possible cases that may arise. We are obliged to provide insurance and legal support and do not start working without them.
Terms of reference, repair and equipment requirements are provided by the hotel operator. The developer is responsible for the repair implementation. During operation, we strictly ensure that all repair requirements are met and we make sure that the technical task is done in full.
The owner has a property right in the apartment. The new owner is obliged to enter into a new lease agreement with the management company, which will help sell and buy apartments using its investor base. Refusal to enter into an agreement leads to a fine of 8% to 15% of the cost of the apartment.
The apartment owner will have access to the Servio program to see the occupancy of their apartments. Electronic locks also show all transactions that were performed with them during the reporting period.
At the stage of signing the initial contract for the purchase of apartments, the client determines the need to enter into a management agreement with the operator Ribas Hotels Group or independently manage the facility. However, it should be noted that the hotel operator will not operate apartments that will be renovated and equipped not to the standards of the hotel chain.